Monday, 19 September 2016

A Look Within // acrylic on canvas board

This is one of those paintings I'm not really certain why I created, but I do love it. It's not really meant to make a statement about plucking your eyebrows (lol), but rather to just exist as it is. It's just the image of a girl (myself), looking at herself while performing a rather unimportant, yet oddly personal ritual. It's just a fragment of daily life that shows how even the shortest moments alone should be cherished and appreciated, especially considering the importance of one's social surroundings. For me, painting this weird little thing was really a way to reflect on myself, my ambitions, and the people in my life. 

1 comment:

  1. Hello I am stalking you again. I love this, you are so talented. Please become famous.


Bahara / Blossom

2017 A short film I worked on with my friend  Nikita , based on our love of art and dance, respectively.